Regulatory Bodies

Client Money Protect

The standards that CMP requires of its members are those that surround the handling of client money. It is a requirement of members of CMP that:

1. They hold client monies in a designated segregated client money account at all times that is separate from their own monies.

2. They adhere to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) client money guidelines.

3. They maintain professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the CMP minimum PI requirements.

4. They maintain membership of a recognised external redress scheme.

5. They agree to adhere to the CMP Terms and Conditions of membership.

6. They agree to display the CMP logo in a prominent position within all their lettings branches.

7. They agree to provide information to their tenant and landlords clients explaining client money protection and their membership of CMP.

8.They agree to allow CMP to display their membership details on the CMP website.